Asked October 1, 2020, 1:46 PM EDT

"If you haven't started cleaning up old plants and weeding, now is the time. You can use the grass clippings and dead leaves in your fresh layer of mulch."Newsletter, I just saw this in you Oct 2020. Does this mean I can use fresh lawn clippings in mulching plants now or is it referring to putting this as a fresh layer of mulch in a compost bin? I didn't know I could use fresh lawn clippings around my plants.

Onslow County North Carolina

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Thanks for your question. You can use weed-free grass clippings as a mulch in your flower beds, or simply leave them on your lawn to add nutrients to the soil. I would suggest adding the grass clippings and fallen leaves to your flower beds and covering with another form of mulch such as hardwood or pine straw. You can also compost this material. If you do put the grass clippings on your flower beds, use caution if you applied any herbicides so you don't inadvertently harm your desirable plants.