Desert Rose - repotting

Asked October 1, 2020, 12:24 PM EDT

Hello, I repotted my desert rose into a pot that is 2" wider than its previous pot. I did not choose a pot that was any deeper than the previous pot. DO I need to get these exposed roots covered? Set the plant deeper into this pot? Choose a deeper pot?

Oakland County Michigan

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One thing about a larger pot means there is more soil surrounding the roots. This means the plant stays more moist for a longer time the larger the pot. In the case of your desert rose plant, I would get a pot that is smaller around, but deeper if that is possible. The roots should be covered if they were covered before you repotted. Clay is a good material since it breathes, and these plants are succulents which like to dry out, especially in winter.

I found a link that might be of interest:

I hope this helps!