How can I help my birds of paradise plant?

Asked October 1, 2020, 11:44 AM EDT

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. How can I help my plant from browning and improve the roots? Is she being overwatered or underwatered?

New York County New York

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Bird of paradise (Strelitzia) needs proper watering and other care techniques to help it thrive as a houseplant. Watering: During active growth give enough at each watering to make the potting mixture moist throughout, but allowing the top inch of the mix to dry out before watering (use finger to test moisture level). Water early in the day, around 10 am, and give lukewarm water, pouring throughout the entire pot of soil. Doing this at the sink is helpful, then let drain. During the low light and cooler weather (winter), the plant likes a temperature around 55 degrees. Along with less watering, enough to prevent the mixture from drying out completely so not to overwater during slow growth period. Light: give bright sunlight, with at least three or four hours a day of direct sunlight daily. Hope this is helpful. Take care. Stay safe, and enjoy your plant.