Recommendations for bee-friendly lawn overseeding

Asked September 30, 2020, 8:03 PM EDT

Hi there! I'm interested in overseeding my lawn with some clover, yarrow, etc. for more flowers throughout the year for pollinators (and to build soil health) this fall as the rains start back up. Do you have a recommended blend for the Willamette Valley? I'm in Salem, but I'm sure if you posted an answer publicly, other folks would like a recommendation too. Got a magic blend or secret sauce? Thank you!

Marion County Oregon

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I would suggest shopping at Nichol's Garden Nursery in Albany

or ProTime Seed

The classic Eco-Lawn for western Oregon is the Fleur de Lawn, which has a turf species (ryegrass, bentgrass or fine fescue depending on the specific mix) clover (micro, dutch or crimson, again depending on the mix), yarrow and English daisy.

In experiment conducted by the OSU Bee Lab and OSU Turfgrass Program, we have had good luck with chamomile and alyssum as well. We have also had trouble getting yarrow and daisy established when we apply the pre-made mixtures. You could purchase seed separately and seed individually. If you do this seed the grass and clover last, these two have a tendency to overtake other plant species in the lawn.

This is a short video we made on Eco-Lawns...

Thanks so much! I'm excited about all the possibilities.