We planted 21 Emerald Arborvitae trees at the end of July. Have watered...

Asked September 30, 2020, 5:14 PM EDT

We planted 21 Emerald Arborvitae trees at the end of July. Have watered faithfully each day during the dry season. Went to watering every 4 days just last week. Seeing tust and yellowed leaves on many of the trees. Is this normal cuz its fall, or fo we have a problem that needs attention. See attached photos

Montgomery County Ohio

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All conifers,including arborvitae, shed their needles after a specific period of time. For aroborvitae, the needle shed occurs in the fall and it appears as a general yellowing of the inner needles or fronds. These shed needles will eventually fall to the ground around the shrub. So, if only the inner needles are being shed, and your picture supports this, it is a natural event and the shrub will green up next spring. If the outermost needles are turning yellow or brown it suggests a problem such as root rot or wind damage. The outer needles will not be replaced and the branch will die in this circumstance. In order to further protect your newly planted shrubs this winter, you may want to spray the plants with a water-based wax protective solution, such as, Wilt-Pruf to help them not to desiccate with the dry winter winds. The website above provides some further assurance that your shrubs are going through the normal fall needle drop.