Mareks diesese in chickens

Asked September 30, 2020, 9:54 AM EDT

Good morning, We have 7 free range chickens my husband found one in the field yesterday when he when to put them in at night. It can't walk and her head is turned sideways. We believe she has mareks. We got these chickens in April. I have called several vets over here to see if there is an outbreak, gather more information on the disease. No Vets I have found deal with chickens, I am more looking for answers specify for Michigan climate. How long will this virus live? I have read on the internet up to 65 weeks but that did not say the climate. How do we get rid of it? We have 15 two weeks old baby chickens right now in our garage. We are looking to move them into the coop when they get bigger but we do not want them to get the disease. Thanks!

Ottawa County Michigan

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The best way to deal with Marek's is to make sure that your chickens have been vaccinated at the hatchery.