American Chestnut Trees

Asked September 29, 2020, 2:49 PM EDT

I have what I believe are 3 mature American Chestnut Trees that are very actively producing Chestnuts. They are on my farm in Huntingtown, Md. Is there any interest in harvesting the chestnuts for study and/or seed propagation?

Calvert County Maryland

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Chinese Chestnut is relatively widely planted (compared with remnant American Chestnut populations), so proper identification will be important. (There are also hybrids between the two, mainly in horticulture.) This web page by the American Chestnut Foundation gives many details for a range of physical traits as to how to differentiate between them:

From traits we can make out in the photos, this looks like Chinese Chestnut, but we cannot be sure from the photos alone. If you want to verify which species this is, you can try contacting the ACF to see if someone can ID it concretely, either in person or with additional photos. (They will also be a good contact to inquire with about propagation.)