marionberry stringing

Asked September 28, 2020, 9:03 PM EDT

I would really appreciate a video or picture of the best way to string marion berries. I have been putting them in hoops on wires and has just become to much work. I would really appreciate any help I could get.

Benton County Oregon

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Hello. Thank you for using Ask an Expert. I have included a link to an Oregon State Extension publication that shows how to trellis marionberries which are trailing blackberries. Look for the parts discussing trailing blackberries. This pamphlet discusses many aspects of growing all types of blackberries and has some excellent photos of trellis training in both a home garden and a field setting. There is a photo of two people using the hoop method don’t stop at that photo keep going! This is an excellent reference for anyone who grows blackberries. I don’t think there is any easy way to do this task. I have three Marionberry plants myself and it usually takes at least two people with two pairs of gloves (garden gloves under a heavy pair of leather work gloves) each to do it. I also spaced my plants further apart, 10 feet rather than the recommended 5 feet because I had enough space. This give me more space for the canes rather than having to wrap them so tightly.