Lawn - Invasive grass - Bermuda or Stilt Grass?

Asked September 28, 2020, 8:17 PM EDT

How should I get rid of invasive grass from my suburban yard? Over the past two years, my lawn has become overcome by this invasive grass. This fall I started pulling out this grass which is very easy to do because the roots are so shallow. How can I eradicate them. How can I prevent them from returning to my yard? Should I put grass seed down and if so what kind for a sunny yard? Do I need to hire a professional lawn service to help me restore my yard?

Update 9/29/2020

I started removing some of the weed grass from a different spot in my lawn and encountered a different weedgrass. This section of the yard has a very different runner and root system. The roots seem to extend to a depth of 2-3 inches and the grass has very long runners which also establish additional roots. I have taken some pictures which I am trying to download and will send in a subsequent update.

Montgomery County Maryland

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We think the shallow-rooted grass is nimblewill and the deep-rooted grass is Bermudagrass, both common perennial weeds.

Here are our pages for each:

nimblewill -

Bermudagrass -

Since you are in Montgomery County, you will not be able to use the herbicides listed unless you're in a special area. Check the county website for rules and organic lawn care:

If the Bermudagrass has not spread far yet, digging it up is a good idea. Try to get all the root.

Yes, reseed your lawn. Get it as thick as you can to outcompete these weeds. Fall is the premier time to do this--though starting earlier is better (as early as late August.) Read this carefully: