Blue Spruce White Needles

Asked September 28, 2020, 5:29 PM EDT

I’m looking for advice on a dwarf blue spruce we planted in March. It’s now late September and I noticed some off white needles. Is this normal? I love my tree and am a little worried. I’m also not sure what type of blue spruce this is.

We water it twice a week with a garden hose. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

New York

2 Responses

One really can't tell from a picture most times if the needles are just turning brown and being shed because of the drought and high temperatures we've had this summer or whether it might be due to spider mites or some disease. There are a lot of different cultivars of blue spruce so I would ask the place you bought it from which one it is. You also might want to check with them about the browning of the needles. No plant holds its needles forever and typically every year there will be some shed. You can also see if you can send a sample to the Cornell Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab to see if they find any signs of disease or insect. Their website is:

Thank you very much for your response. I will keep an eye on it and send a sample to the Cornell Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab.