What is this fruit . . . ?

Asked September 28, 2020, 5:18 PM EDT

I bought a fruit at the local Food Lion. It is the size of a large, egg-shaped plum. It is green and red mottled with a very smooth skin. It is very firm with no "navel" at either end. It has been in my refrigerator for several weeks and hasn't changed color, or anything. Can you help?


Caldwell County North Carolina

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I'm sorry we've been unable to provide an answer to your question. Please try contacting the Caldwell County Center directly if you still have a question about this fruit. Their phone number is (828) 757-1290.

It was a Passion Fruit! :-)

Thanks for letting me know! I was curious after I saw the photo. I apologize again for our lack of a timely response.