Use of Roundup

Asked September 28, 2020, 4:37 PM EDT

I’m on the Board for our local Townhomes HOA. Recently the topic of using Roundup came up. What is the latest on Roundup. Is it safe. Thanks.

Wake County North Carolina

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There are mixed opinions about the safety of glyphosate, even by experts.

Dr. Joe Neal, an herbicide specialist at NCSU has written articles about this topic, and even did a lecture which you can watch with this link

This is his statement on the safety of the product, and has a couple of links about it.

This is an in depth article about some options, both organic and non-organic, that may be used in place of glyphosate.

His opinion is that if it is used properly with the label instructions followed, it should be safe for the applicators and for the environment. If you are not comfortable using a chemical in your environment, there are organic or cultural options that you might choose such as acetic acid (strong vinegar) sprays, mulching, and weeding.