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Asked September 28, 2020, 4:12 PM EDT

Hello, I am hoping to plant a red maple beside my driveway, but am wondering if the tree will be too close to the driveway and if the roots will eventually destroy it. From the image, there is an apple tree and a maple tree beside the driveway. I want to transplant the apple tree to a different location, and plant the new maple in roughly the same location as the apple tree. The new maple would be about four feet from the driveway and 20 feet from the existing maple. The existing maple is about 3 years old and has plenty of space away from the driveway and does not have any problematic surface roots. If a maple is not a good choice in that new location, do you have any other recommendations? That area is my southern/western exposure and receives a lot of sun so I'm hoping to plant a medium/large deciduous tree.

Virginia Beach Virginia

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4' from the driveway will likely be too close to plant a red maple.

Here is our publication on trees for parking lots and paved area. I'm sure you could find a good alternative in the list provided:

Please also remember that while the other tree is still young, the mature width of that tree is 60'. So planting another large shade tree that close will lead to competition and most likely very heavy shade underneath where it will be difficult to grow grass.