Quack Grass Removal

Asked September 28, 2020, 2:39 PM EDT

What can I do to rid my lawn of what is commonly referred to as quack grass, broad leaf pest that spreads from a root system. Over the counter weed killer doesn't do the trick. .

Ingham County Michigan

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Thanks for the question. Unfortunately once introduced, quackgrass is nearly impossible to eradicate. Your referral to it as a "broad leaf" is confusing. Quackgrass has wide blades, but it is not a "broadleaf" weed. It may just be a wording issue but if you are using broadleaf weed killers it won't work. Spot treating with glyphosate is fairly effective, but two or three applications (allowing the the grass to reappear between applications) will be needed. The grass needs to actively be growing at the time of a treatment making spring and late summer the best times to approach the problem. As with any aggressive weed, persistence is key. Sulfosulfuron is also considered a good herbicide for quackgrass control but is pricey. Check out the following links:

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