Strange apples

Asked September 25, 2020, 7:35 PM EDT

I have what looks like a new variety of apples on an old tree that my husband’s father grafted decades ago. It’s only apples from one graft on the tree. It showed up after the smoke on our first rain. ?? I wonder if it’s from ashes? I’ll try to forward a picture

Lane County Oregon

1 Response

Considering the timing it is certainly possible that this is due to smoke damage. I do find it interesting that it is only affecting one of the grafted apple varieties but not the others. I would think smoke damage would impact all of them. It is also possible that this is russeting or some type of fungal pathogen, such as sooty blotch or fly speck. I am going to need a little more information. Do you know what variety this is (or what color it typically is)? Have you seen other symptoms on the trees? Have the leaves defoliated? Were there any black/sooty blotches on the fruit? Is the damage only superficial (i.e. does it only impact the skin) or does it also impact the flesh of the fruit? Are the splotches on the fruit smooth or rough?