Volunteers in flower beds

Asked September 25, 2020, 5:30 PM EDT

Could you please identify these plants ? I need to know if I should get rid of them...or dig and move them...

Kent County Delaware

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Good Afternoon! I've consulted with our Horticulture Specialist and we think it is Prunus serotina, Black Cherry, which has seeded into your garden bed. To learn more: https://plants.ces.ncsu.edu/plants/prunus-serotina/

Thank you for the in depth information, Carrie.
Those plants are now gone.
But I messes up and sent 3 photos of the same plant.
The other "volunteer" is in a back bed by the hyssop
Am Including a picture of it, to see if it can be identified.

Morning! This looks like a mulberry seedling. Removal is also suggested. To learn more: https://www.extension.purdue.edu/extmedia/fnr/fnr_237.pdf

Thanks again, Carrie--
I find it amazing that one tree can have so many different shaped leaves.

You are very welcome! Enjoy the fall season!