Asked September 24, 2020, 3:48 PM EDT

Hi, I treated my flower beds with the milky spore powder this spring, and I still have lots of grubs. Can you help me ID them? I would like to determine if I have Japanese beetle grubs or a different type. I am hesitant to treat with a 24 hour grub killer because I also have milkweed with monarch caterpillars in my yard. Thanks so much for your help.

Baltimore County Maryland

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First, be sure the grub population warrants treatment. Unless you are seeing about 10 per square foot (which is rare), they aren't an issue. They don't eat enough. In fact, it's good a have a few around to keep up the population of diseases and pests that prey on them. Treating them in the garden bed will not keep the adults out of your garden, since beetles tend to be strong flyers.

The id of a grub is based on a close-up clear view of their raster. Here's an id chart:

Grub control, even with the fairly safe Acelepryn ingredient, still affects organisms, so we agree with you that avoiding it is always the best approach.