Boxwood Identification

Asked September 24, 2020, 9:25 AM EDT

I am trying to identify the cultivar of boxwood I have to improve its care. Here are pictures of the shrub and its leaves. Can you tell which type it is? Are there different pictures that would be more helpful?


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Hello Mike,

There are multiple cultivars of fastigiate (upright, columnar) boxwoods, all of which can look very similar to each other, especially when not mature. We cannot tell them apart by foliage and growth habit alone, unfortunately, as there is just too much overlap in characteristics. Below are some possibilities, though it shouldn't change their recommended care much as all boxwoods prefer the same growing conditions. As it happens, all of the cultivars below except the last one are forms of Buxus sempervirens; while this species is overall more vulnerable disease, their upright habit makes some of the leaf and stem infections less likely since spore-splash from the soil surface doesn't reach most of their foliage.

  • 'Dee Runk'
  • 'Graham Blandy' - not the best cultivar for our region according to boxwood nursery growers in various parts of the country
  • 'Fastigiata'
  • 'Green Tower' - possibly not, as the leaves on this variety tend to be on the glossier side
  • 'Highlander'
  • 'Pyramidalis'
  • 'Shadow Sentry'
  • 'Upright' - this is Buxus microphylla koreana


Okay, thanks Miri. Do you have a recommended treatment for leafminers in the boxwoods?

I can send more pictures if its helpful.


Here is our page on boxwood, including leafminer management:

You can find it yourself using our search box to refer back to.