Honey Bees

Asked September 23, 2020, 4:37 PM EDT

We thought we had wasps, an exterminator came & said that we have honey bees. He said that these are endangered & we cannot exterminate them. How can we contact someone to take care of ridding our back deck of the honey bees, hive & queen ? We live in Sterling Heights.

Macomb County Michigan

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Honey bees are a beneficial pollinator but not an endangered species. Though legal to apply an insecticide to control them, removing the colony would be advantageous.

The SE MI Beekeepers Association has a list of beekeepers who will remove bees for free (https://www.sembabees.org/report-a-swarm). A swarm is less valuable in the Fall compared to the Spring, so it might be more difficult to find a willing beekeeper at this time.