Golden Groundsel Death

Asked September 23, 2020, 2:56 PM EDT

I have had golden groundsel for many years with no problems. Plants were healthy and bloomed in Spring but couple months ago started to have small dark spots on the leaves. Didn't do anything and before I knew it leaves turned dark and the plants died. Have lost an area about 12' x 2-3'. They are such hardy plants didn't think anything would do them serious damage. If they don't come back in Spring can I plant new ones in the same area? What do you think happened? Thanks for any help.

Howard County Maryland

2 Responses

Golden groundsel is a great native plant.
We can't say what may have happened here. It's possible that a blight took hold.
If there is any way to increase air circulation or make the area drier, for instance less mulch, do so.
It's a bit tricky to replant the same plant in the same area- it may be better to diversify your planting beds so that if an issue comes up you don't lose everything at once.
However, you could try again and go ahead and replace those plants that don't sprout in spring, but get in touch with us as issues arise so we can get a better understanding of what's going on and what may help. You are able to attach photos to your questions, which is very helpful, by using the Choose File tabs below.



Thanks very much for the speedy response. I don't think air circulation is/was the problem The bed is between two areas of lawn - shady but nothing to impede circulation I do mulch about about 5-6" between the bed and the lawns. This is my "dead zone" - anything that comes up there gets pulled. Possible I got some bad mulch. This would account for the whole bed dying. I'm not too tech savy but I'll give pictures a try. Thanks again for your help/advice, Glenn