European plum problem

Asked September 23, 2020, 1:13 AM EDT

I have bought and planted Italian plum semi dwarf in 2019.There were no fruits so far. I am worried about the leaves which are folded up all summer long. Also noticed a lot of ants going up and down. Checked for aphids, but didn't find. I have tried to get rid of them by placing duct tape, but in vain. What is wrong with my plum? Thank you in advance, Milla

Washington County Oregon

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Did you look under the leaves for aphids? Is there any sticky residue?

Here's information about plum leaf curl aphids:

Ants often encourage/farm aphids. To keep the ants off the tree, you could try sticky barrier products:

Did you water the plum this year? How much and how often. Because all of the leaves are folded, it could be the plants response to a non-living issue such as drought stress.

Regardless of the folded leaves, your plum is looking very healthy and that it's put on good growth since 2019.

In terms of fruiting, what kind of plum is it? See information below about plum pollination from Raintree Nursery


Many plums are self-fertile and require no pollinator, however some varieties are not. Unless otherwise noted, Japanese plums with only pollinate with Japanese plums and European plums will only pollinate with European plums. While many plums are self-fertile, generally a pollination partner will increase the size and quality of the harvest.

Pollination is important during your orchard planning as well, since you need pollinators to fly between your plum trees. The pollinizers should be planted no further than 50 feet apart, to ensure proper cross-pollination.

Good luck.