Cutting down dead cedars?

Asked September 21, 2020, 3:16 PM EDT

Hello, We have 28 acres in the Molalla area and have quite a few cedars that are completely orange/brown or have lost their limbs altogether and are basically snags now. The question came up now with all the wildfires that actually got pretty close to our property and all those dead trees look like prime fire fuel. Also, given that we dont know why they are actually dying, is it best practice to completely remove the trees including root systems to stop the spread of whatever is killing them. 75% of the trees in our area are western red cedars and about 30+% of them on our property are dying. Thank you,

Clackamas County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. All conifers are reacting to environmental stresses, some of which then are an entre for insects and diseases. We cannot diagnose a plant problem without photos and, often, an examination of plant tissue. Since Extension offices are closed to the public, we don't have access to microscopes, etc. Before going to the point of that, however, I suggest you contact a certified arborist, who can come to your property to assess the trees' health, and give you a prognosis. There are certified arborists who also remove the trees, if that is deemed the best course, but some arborists do just the assessment. Here is a website with a list of certified arborists, whom you can contact do take on this job:

Good luck!