Using Vermicompost for Backyard Plants

Asked September 21, 2020, 3:08 PM EDT

I’ve never used vermicompost. I have three “coffee bag” size bags. I plan to use mulch -also for the first time (the person I hired is coming tomorrow!) Can I apply a layer of vermicompost onto the soil and then cover with mulch? How deep should the vermicompost be? I have bushes including azaleas; Flowers in large bins, including New England aster, lobelias in 7” deep flower bed. I have St John’s wort and green and gold directly in ground. Thank you very much for your help!! Barbara Bjanes

Prince George's County Maryland

1 Response

Hi- vermicompost tends to have a higher nutrient content than plant-based composts such as Leafgro. Your product may have three numbers on the bag- the guaranteed nutrient analysis. If not, that's fine. It just means that the product is being sold strictly as compost and not as a fertilizer.

If your bushes and groundcovers are growing well we don't recommend using the vermicompost around them. Use it in the spring for container plants, and annuals in the ground. Follow label directions. It can also be used sparingly for houseplants.