Shot hole disease on Yoshina Cherry tree

Asked September 21, 2020, 2:34 PM EDT

If the disease is caused by the bacteria mentioned in the site's article that starts with an X, what can be used to treat it? Any other information to treat and take care of the Yoshina Cherry would be appreciated.

Paulding County Georgia

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The condition is called Xylella wilt, and no treatments are available. Keep the tree healthy. You may want to broadcast some dolomitic limestone around the root zone of the tree to increase the soil pH. Cherries prefer a higher pH.

I'm thinking this disease is shot hole. The leaves have tiny little holes all over them. This is a weeping Yoshina Cherry.
Could you look at the pictures again and see if you have another opinion? Thanks.

Yes, you do have fungal leaf spot disease, which is more problematic in wet years. It can defoliate most of the tree by the end of August in some cases. Unfortunately there exists no treatments. You best course of action is to clean up and dispose of leaves that have fallen to the ground.