What’s eating my zucchini?

Asked September 21, 2020, 11:44 AM EDT

I planted zucchini and cucumbers but Something its eating the leaves and the actual zucchini. The leaves looks like with white spots I did some natural remedies without luck please help I also have melons and the leaves are dying

Umatilla County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. I am afraid that the third photo is out of focus, so I can't tell much from it. Squash pests that eat the fruit include slugs, cucumber beetles, and rodents. In order to know which, you might need a motion-activated camera. You can put out a slug bait to see if that helps. Pests of leaves include aphids, spider mites and squash bugs. Some of these feed on the undersides of the leaves, and may live in the soil during the day, only coming out to feed at night. Going into the garden with a flashlight may help you detect them. The following page lists these pests (and. few more); you can see photos of the pests on the linked pages: https://pnwhandbooks.org/insect/crop-pests?combine=squash Without having photos of the pest, it is difficult to suggest a control. Perhaps you can do some detective work and send pictures. Good luck!