Bent Apple Tree

Asked September 21, 2020, 9:27 AM EDT

I had a client send me pictures of his apple tree. Apparently, a bear has pushed the main trunk over almost 90 degrees. There does not seem to be any cracks or damage. Can he or will he be able to pull the tree back over with rope or wire (with protection) and a stake of some sort. Doing so in increments. Or, do you feel the tree is too far over. I have attached pictures. Thank you!

Gladwin County Michigan

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This is a new one for me! They could tie a tall pole to the trunk at several places, try to push the top to the pole and tie in place.

if it is too brittle or too resistant to do this, cut the tree top off at the bend in the spring, wait for new growth to start from the topmost part (may take a month or more), then select only one strong shoot growing in the best direction to be the new top. The competing upright shoots will have to be removed periodically during the growing season so that the shoot you have picked to be the new top will maintain dominance.