Moving adolescent white pines

Asked September 20, 2020, 8:54 PM EDT

We brought down a number of small white pines (12-18") from our uncle's land in northern WI (Heyward area) about 3 years ago. We planted a grouping of 3 in almost full sun thinking they would not all make it, but they did! They are all about 3- 4 ft now, and we are thinking we should split them up so they all have room to grow. Should we dig them out now in the fall, or wait until early spring? Thanks so much! Erica PS - not the best image- sorry! you can see they were inadvertently dwarfed by sunflowers and dahlias

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Right now would be a good time to replant your pines. Do so soon and water regularly until the ground is frozen. You could also do in the spring.