blueberry plant

Asked September 20, 2020, 6:41 PM EDT

Hello, I planted this blueberry bush this spring and it grew to 19 inches. Is this normal for first year growth? Now that we're starting to get colder temperatures, I believe I should place straw around it? I was even thinking of transplanting it to a large pot, maybe it will grow better next season with more controlled conditions. I know they need more acidic soil and more space, bad idea? thanks,

Montgomery County Maryland

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Hi- shoot growth and plant height is determined by the cultivar, care, and growing conditions. We are assuming that this is a cultivar that will grow well in a container but it will do just as well or better in the ground where it is now. Apply a 2-3 inch mulch of straw, mulched leaves, or pine needles around the plant to protect the crown and reduce weed growth.

You may want to have your soil tested to get baseline information on soil pH, nutrients, and organic matter content.
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