Apple tree identification

Asked September 20, 2020, 5:45 PM EDT

This tree was planted over 30 years ago. How do I find out what kind it is. Also the last few years we’ve sprayed it with neem oil but are still getting insects. Any info would be great

Anoka County Minnesota

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From Dr. Jim Luby, U of MN faculty: We can not positively identify a cultivar visually though we can sometimes make a guess. The history of the plant is very important and unfortunately, people often don't know it. However, you can read about the plant especially if they know it's a University release and narrow down your fruit ID to 2-3 cultivars based on size, color, fruiting time. etc. Here are some resources to help: VIDEO: How to Identify Your Apple Tree U of M varietal releases: Extension Yard & Garden Fruits: Also, here is a nice discussion about identifying apple varieties. Though it is written about English varieties, all the principles are universal. If you want to pursue more conclusive testing, UC-Davis will accept samples for DNA fingerprinting. The cost is $345 per sample.