Potted rosemary - how to preserve over the winter?

Asked September 20, 2020, 5:22 PM EDT

Hi, We love rosemary, but have had terrible luck with it in-ground over the past few years. We haven't even had bad winters, very mild in fact. So this year, we planted some in a pot. We hope to bring it in and take care of it inside until spring. 1. Is this advised and what is the best way to care for it? 2. What should we do to increase our odds of success with our outdoor in-ground rosemary over the coming winter? Thanks.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Hi- winter weather and specific location are two of the key factors determining whether rosemary will overwinter. A plant growing against a south-facing brick wall in Arbutus will have a much better chance than one growing in Hereford. The more protected the location the better. You can try surrounding in-ground plants with bags of tree leaves to help insulate it against the cold.

Please see these two web pages for information on growing rosemary indoors. It is not easy to do. They tend to dry out or get roots rots. If you bring one indoors make sure it is free of insect pests. Bring it in soon so it can start to get used to indoor conditions.