Philadelphius lewisii native mock orange

Asked September 20, 2020, 3:49 PM EDT

Transplanting a native mock orange from a shady location to a sunnier spot. Any specific things I should do to make it work. It's been in my garden for over 10 years, blooms every spring but is stunted in height. Thank you in advance

Clackamas County Oregon

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Here's are good publications on transplanting an established tree or shrub:
With dry soils in late summer/early fall, I would pre-water the areas where your plant is now and where you want it to go. Leave a sprinkler on in the areas to saturate the soil and then let it dry for a couple of days before you work.

As you dig up the shrub, you will damage the roots. Use pruners to make clean cuts on the damaged roots.

Prune out any damaged or out of place canes on the shrub.

Water the plant very well after transplanting. Keep it watered every week or so until the rains begin in earnest.