What’s wrong with my apple tree?

Asked September 19, 2020, 10:19 PM EDT

Hi! My frostbite apple tree is turning a rusty red color. Is that normal? I don’t remember that happening in previous years. It also appears that some leaves are already dropping. I’m wondering if there is something wrong and if I can do anything to fix the problem.

Pope County Minnesota

3 Responses

I think it is normal leaf senescence. If you are worried it has a disease a sample can be tested at the plant disease clinic for a fee. It may not feel like fall but trees follow the sun and days are getting shorter.

Ok! Thanks for the quick reply! I also have a summer crisp pear tree and it has a few black leaves on it. Do you know what causes that?

Probably a fungus. There are lots of spot diseases. Sanitation is usually enough to keep it from getting serious.