Alo Vera plant leaf cutting

Asked September 19, 2020, 9:19 PM EDT

Can I cut an inch or two off the Alo Vera leaf each day instead of cutting the entire leaf off the plant?

Frederick County Maryland

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You probably can; we do not have research about this topic either way (i.e., which is better), though in general plants having leaves removed should have them removed completely. Since Aloe leaves are used in a very specific way, however, this piece-by-piece method is not only potentially less wasteful but also not likely to be as harmful to the plant since, being indoors, it will be less exposed to pathogens causing tissue rot like it might be outdoors. (Succulent leaves can callous-over after they air-dry from cutting or injury; this helps prevent opportunistic infection.)


Thank you for the information this will help me as I want to use the freshest Alo Vera gel as possible.