ID insect

Asked September 19, 2020, 4:08 PM EDT

would like to know the name of this shiny black insect approx. 1/4" long. They are in my house

Dorchester County Maryland

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The overall body shape and appearance suggest this is a beetle, but we cannot determine that without a clearer in-focus picture. Beetles are an extremely diverse group of insects and can be challenging to ID from a photo when they do not have distinctive markings or shapes.

This could be a household pest or an interloper from outdoors that wandered inside through a crack, torn window screening, fragmented door weatherstripping, or opened door (many insects gather around outdoor lights at night, often remaining there into daytime; if settled onto a door, when opened, they can fall down onto the house floor or be startled and fly inside). When beetles are pests indoors, they are drawn to (or originate from) stored food (like dry grains and cereals, pet food, etc.), driftwood or other forms of untreated wood, and moisture-damaged wooden supports inside the main structure of the home. Firewood stored indoors can also be sources of beetles, but usually because they were already in the wood when it was moved inside, not because they are drawn to it afterwards.