Peaches and curl

Asked September 18, 2020, 4:36 PM EDT

Why do orchardists succeed in RX copper and I do not? Sprayed at leaf drop, spray at bud swell, +3 curl. What to do? Are there secrets?? If so, please share. If not, direct me to another expert or a consultant. Surely someone knows the answer.

Polk County Oregon

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Control of leaf curl on peach in western Oregon depends on several factors. One of these is the susceptibility of the cultivar(s) you are growing and cultivar resistance is probably the most important control measure. Weather also strongly influences the level of disease and if the weather in spring is wetter than usual you will have added disease potential. Pruning and other cultural measures can be used to open up the canopy and enable it to dry out as soon as possible which assists with disease control. But, even if the weather is favorable (less spring rain) and other measures are taken there may still be disease issues simply because it is so wet here in spring.

The link below is to the discussion of leaf curl from the PNW Disease Management Handbook. If the copper sprays are inadequate for control there are other options that can be used during the early part of the growing season in the home garden (products marked with an "H"). It was wetter than usual in June and so this may have reduced the control you got with your sprays. Feel free to write with questions.