Propagates limelight hydrangea

Asked September 17, 2020, 4:21 PM EDT

Hi I was able to propagate a small branch from my limelight hydrangea. Should I plant it directly in my garden this fall, or should I plant it in a pot. In the latter case, should I keep the pot indoor till the spring or can I leave it outdoors? Thanks so much!

Wayne County Michigan

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You can root the cutting in a pot.
If you start it in a pot you can plant it in the ground when it develops roots after a few weeks. Start by planting the cutting in suitable potting mix and keep it moist until the roots have developed. You can help to keep the moisture in by covering the pot with plastic wrap, allowing a hole for the leaves to come through. In a few weeks you can test to see if the roots are growing by giving it a slight tug, if there is any resistance then the roots have started to grow. If you start this now you should be able to plant it in the ground in few weeks. Layer the new plant roots with mulch for winter protection. If you decide not to plant it in the ground this year be sure to over winter in a bright sheltered area outside (on enclosed porch, patio near the house...etc.).
Note: The warmer the weather the faster the cutting will root.

I'm adding a link to more info on hydrangea propagation for your information.