Improve Wet Soil

Asked September 17, 2020, 9:46 AM EDT

I have a partiality shaded large back yard (approx 10MSF) that’s on a gradual incline. This area very seldom completely dries out. There are no springs or sources of water runoff that I can detect. I try and grow tall fescue but have limited success. I did my own soil type determination by the “water in a jar” separation method and the soil seems very silty. Will adding small crushed limestone rocks after I aerate this fall help dry this soil up?

Guilford County North Carolina

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Good Evening,
It seems like you would need to first take care of the water drainage issue. If the water isn't due to a spring my guess is that it is rain that isn't draining off. I would look at why it isn't. Redirect that first. Then do a full soil test. Kits are available at the extension office. This test will tell you want nutrients your soil is missing that will help that fescue grow. But this is after you have that drainage issue corrected.

I don't think adding crushed limestone will help. I think you would be creating a pond situation on top of the yard.