not heating canning lids before use.....

Asked September 16, 2020, 9:32 PM EDT

I watched a video on the internet, canning using a water bath canner. As they went step by step, when it came to putting on the lid, and then band, it said, There is no need to heat the lid, this is Old School, as of 2 years ago, it was told, you can just place the unheated lid on the jar, put a band on it, and water bath... I told my sister who canned grapes for grape juice, the new easy method, of whole grapes, sugar, hot water, seal, band and water bath can....... for 25 minutes...... her lids buckled up .... like little dents and looked like they could explode.... could this be because of the unheated lids placed on the jars? I canned a batch too, but heated my lids, and had no problem with the.... so we wonder what happened, 1. Is it ok to not heat lid before using it and placing on jar????? 2. How long do you need to process in water bath canner.... she thought 10 minutes.... but recipe online said 25 minutes. ... Than you, Sincerely, Karen Tripp

Allegan County Michigan

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Hello and thank you for your questions,
Yes, it is true you no longer have to heat treat the lids before using them. Simply wash and rinse the lids before using. The most common reason for lids buckling as you described is over tightening the ring band on the jars. The ring band should be tightened to finger tip tight, tightening the lid just until resistance is felt.

For processing times, for hot pack, process pints and quarts for 10 minutes in the boiling water bath. For raw or cold pack, process pints for 15 minutes and quarts for 20 minutes.