Mock Orange Trouble

Asked September 16, 2020, 6:55 PM EDT

Hello, I received a mock orange start a couple of years ago. I have it planted in a pot until I can get my yard fixed. It has since had some trouble with leaf hoppers. I think I got rid of them... no pesticide just good old fashioned search and destroy. However, the leaves are continuing to yellow and brown at the edges and get tough almost raspy to the touch. They are't supple any more. The condition seems to be spreading from leaf to leaf. They also have some dry, dark brown spotting. I thought at first that I might be over watering the plant so I now wait for the soil to be mostly dry before giving more water. Can you help me figure out how to save this plant? I really love it. It's my first attempt at horticulture. Please contact me if you have any suggestions or questions. My email is listed below. Sincerely, Tammy Kennedy

Thurston County Washington

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Hi, Tammy--could you send me good, clear photos of the affected leaves that you're talking about, as well as a photo showing the transition from healthy to unhealthy.

Also, please tell me what you do to care for this plant--how much sun, irrigation and fertilization practices, soil--well draining?