Buying split oak firewood

Asked September 16, 2020, 4:41 PM EDT

I am looking to buy a full cord of split aged oak firewood. It will be stored about 30 feet from an old oak (we've been told the tree is "original" to its Mpls site). Some aged split oak, without bark, is for sale. The person selling it does not know how the tree died. If it died of Oak Wilt, has no bark and is aged a year, could it spread the disease to my good tree as it sits in a wood pile? Thanks for your help.

Hennepin County Minnesota

2 Responses

Debarked wood should be safe. Wood with bark attached should be cut and stacked. Logs should be covered with 4-6 mil clear plastic and sealed at the ground line by late March of the year following tree wilt to prevent beetles from reaching the spore mats. The plastic then can be removed at the end of September of the year following tree wilt and the logs can be safely used for firewood. I hope that this helps.

Thank you, Pat!