Privacy Screen of E. Red Cedar in Atlantic Coast

Asked September 16, 2020, 3:57 PM EDT

Your suggestions for using Red Cedar for a 70 ft. privacy screen, located in Fenwick Island, DE next to Rte.1. Are they tolerant of salt air winds blowing off the ocean in NE direction. Do they grow in sandy loom soils. Do they have a "tap" root and how far apart do they do best, "trunk-to-trunk"? I believe they already grow naturally in the area and seem to do OK. Does any organization sell/give saplings for growing.

Sussex County Delaware

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Hi. Yes, Eastern Red Cedar does well here. You will find them in the landscape in Fenwick Island, DE. They are tolerant to salt air. Here are fact sheets that may be helpful

A tree owners manual with a lot of good information - - other information on a evergreen screens

Contact the Delaware Department of Agriculture Forestry Section for possible places of purchase -
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Hi Tracy,
Thanks for the Red Cedar data. Also, can you tell me if Bamboo can tolerate of "salt air and wind"?
Are there any drawbacks to using Bamboo in Fenwick Island, DE as a privacy screen and wind break.

Thanks in advance for all your help!
Paul Breger

Hi. I would not recommend Bamboo for a screen. Bamboo is invasive and is not a "neighborly" plant to have in your landscape. Once in a landscape, it is so hard to control. A constant battle. They say root barriers work, but not really.

Take a look at the livable Delaware link I sent - it might be helpful in suggestions in your landscape. A screen with multiple plants is better than a single species. The landscape in Fenwick Island with storms can be tough on plants. Starting out with the right plants will help with your success.