Dwarf Peach Tree leaves turning yellow & falling,,beginning at end of August, just post harvest

Asked September 16, 2020, 12:49 PM EDT

The tree does not have peach leaf curl, or shot hole disease, and bore heavily this summer. No loss of leaves this summer because I tested it often and made sure it received adequate water. I put 3 nets on it, and kept the critters out. The leaves were fine, perky and dark green, from the organic fertilizer I used early, as recommended..It is organically grown, but I used an ant trap on the trunk. Towards the end, we had considerable wasp and some ant damage, but the peaches were beautiful and tasty. It began loosing a few yellow leaves when the peaches started falling off the tree, so I thought maybe it was a fungus. It has continued, and ever since post harvest, a few weeks ago, it has had a concerning amount leaves turning yellow and falling. We are in south east Michigan, so the weather is not that cold. It it isn't a fungus or bacterial infection, the only thing I can think of, after a lot of searching on the intenet, is that my organic lawn people, who use urea 29/0/8 were instructed not to fertilize around the tree, but when they come out here, 4x to date, the guys don't seem to know that. Could that be it? I don't want to loose my tree. It made many friends happy to receive the peaches.

Oakland County Michigan

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If you can take some closeup pictures of the leaves at various stages of yellowing on a table top, this will help with the diagnosis. Bacterial spot is the most likely cause, and is more common in sites with sandy soil. Symptoms of this disease varies quite a bit from variety to variety. What peach variety do you have?
Typical rates of urea used by lawn care companies are not likely to cause problems for your peach tree assuming they did not by accident dump a large amount under the tree. How much nitrogen did you apply under the tree yourself?