Condition of my weeping tree

Asked September 15, 2020, 5:28 PM EDT

I have a tree in my front yard, i think it's a weeping cherry. i see there's a large split in the bark that's been there for a few years, and a few other splits on the opposite side. i have a few dead branches also. i'm wondering if the tree is dying and i should remove it. it still get leaves and blooms in the spring.

Oakland County Michigan

1 Response

Hello. The tree looks pretty healthy in the photo. Since you are not seeing serious dieback or leaf diseases the tree seems to be taking care of itself! It does look very close to the house. If you want to improve the looks then do some dormant pruning of the bushier areas near the bottom. If your tree should develop shelf fungi on the trunk or near the base that is a symptom of something more serious.