soil testing

Asked September 15, 2020, 3:02 PM EDT

on Aug 17 , I sent my veg. garden soil away for testing to the Delaware County Extension office in Sussex County . I have not received any report nor has the check been cashed. I just get voice mail when I call, and I've left messages twice, no response. If they are working remotely because of covid, does that mean that no one is testing soil at this time ? what do you advise that i should do?

Howard County Maryland

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Did you send your sample to the University of Delaware address on this page (link below)? This is the location of their testing lab, unless their website directs customers elsewhere for the time being - looks like perhaps a P.O. box, though we don't know if the campus is re-opened and the website not updated. This time of year (and this year in particular) we have heard of test results taking around three weeks to become available (longer if they aren't emailing the results to you and only using USPS instead, notwithstanding current USPS issues which may add another week to the delay).

To our knowledge, the lab is staffed and someone should be able to speak with you. There is also a phone number listed on this page, so we suggest you call to inquire about the status of your test (or if it was received). If this was the number you have already called, then unfortunately we do not know of another point-of-contact aside from the email address they provide on their website. If you fail to reach someone, you could try cancelling the uncashed check and mailing a new sample to the address on the chart below.