Sparing my zennia seeds from finches

Asked September 15, 2020, 11:20 AM EDT

I planted a lot of zinnias the birds especially finches love to eat the seeds I've been trying to tag the special plants I want to keep seed from how do I protect my seed from the birds eating it before it's ready.

Bay County Michigan

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Finches love to feed on seeds of plants with zinnia being one of their favorites. They have beaks well suited to plucking petals to get seeds. They are also attracted to neighborhood bird feeders searching for thistle as their favorite. However, they do have an acquired taste for zinnias. In order to discourage them eating the zinnia seeds, if you have a bird feeder nearby, simply remove it to discourage the finches. Also bird netting can be used, but it is messy and requires thoughtful planning to not trap the birds. For further information see the following links