Azalea lace bug?

Asked September 14, 2020, 5:56 PM EDT

Is this damage all due to azalea lace bug? The dark green along the veins is confusing me. One tiny bug that dropped off is definitely lacy - clear body/wings with some black in the center. Does the azalea need any treatment other than for lace bug? The siting of the shrub has been fine for many years - in dappled shade of pine trees, though it is getting a little more sun now that we lost two trees - but there are four pines remaining, so it is still in part shade. Both the large long-established (Delaware white??) azalea and the one-year old azaleas are affected. Thank you for your advice.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Yes, other than a couple of chewed leaf edges, this looks like significant feeding damage from the Azalea lace bug. Azaleas grown in full sun are most susceptible, as are those grown in landscapes where wide-spectrum pesticides are used. If there is a good biodiversity of plants and insects, often beneficial insects keep the lacebugs in check, or at least at acceptable levels.
Here is our page on them and how best to manage them:, which consists of monitoring new growth next year for any damage and treating if needed with insecticidal soap or oil.