New tree problem

Asked September 14, 2020, 4:44 PM EDT

When I say New tree problem, I mean, the tree is new & the problem is new. We just moved into a new house in Magnolia De & the tree was planted in the last 6 months & the problem stared to appear in the last 2 or 3 weeks. From what I have seen in the development several of this type of tree have died. I don't think it's because of a water shortage, since it has been a wet summer, but I don't think much of the soil in which it was planted. It is a very heavy clay. I have included several pictures, that I hope help identify the problem. I would appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks Richard Schwager

Kent County Delaware

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Thank you for your question. Based on the photos submitted this looks like transplant shock and normal shedding of needles on arborvitae. Trees and shrubs will go through transplant shock the first year of planting. Do not add fertilizer the first year of planting. If you have not done a soil test, you can do that now to be sure your pH is at the correct level so the nutrients in the soil are available to the roots.

Evergreen do drop their needles -

This tree owners manual has great information about Tree Care - If you would like to talk to someone about your tree - feel free to call the Kent County Master Gardener Helpline at 302-730-4000. Best regards, Tracy