Skunks in Suburbia

Asked September 14, 2020, 4:42 PM EDT

How can I best deter the neighborhood skunk (a block in Glencairn, East Lansing) from visiting? We don't really want to have to ask you for a good way to clean skunk spray from dog hair (but might as well). Many thanks for your assistance.

Ingham County Michigan

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Here is an article that discuss what you can do to discourage skunks from spending time on your property, and a formula that does work for removing odor.,4570,7-350-79136_79608_97892---,00.html

(Please note the firearms I fo in the Colorado article doe not apply here- see the DNR site for information)

The Michigan DNR licenses nuisance animal removal services, listed online.,4570,7-350-79136_79608_83071-137162--,00.html

There is an extra DNR permit for relocating wildlife. To verify this you must call the DNR- Casey Reitz 517-284-6210.

On a personal note, after de-odorizing my dogs twice, I now take them out on a leash after dark! I also keep many quarts of unopened hydrogen peroxide handy. Once opened, hydrogen peroxide will lose its effectiveness. Best of luck.