Effect on Vegetable gardens by forest fires polutants

Asked September 14, 2020, 4:04 PM EDT

I live in central oregon and our air quality for the last few days has been the worst in the nation. I am wondering if this has contaminated my beans, squash and tomoates.

Jefferson County Oregon

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See "Take precautions when wildfire ash falls on fruits and vegetables" in which the essential points are as follows:

- Avoid going outside to harvest while smoke lingers.

- Rinse vegetables twice, once outdoors and again in the kitchen sink.

- For a more thorough cleaning, soak vegetables and fruits in a 10% white vinegar solution (one teaspoon vinegar to three cups water).

- Peel produce such as tomatoes, apples and root crops.

- Strip the outer leaves of lettuces and other greens before harvest.

More details at https://today.oregonstate.edu/news/take-precautions-when-wildfire-ash-falls-fruits-and-vegetables