Base of Daylilies

Asked September 14, 2020, 3:16 AM EDT

These little fluffy balls are at the base of 2 of my Daylilies. They were white then turned tan. Any thoughts?

Macomb County Michigan

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Good Evening,

Those look like a type of mushroom. Can you pick one and take another photo? I can't find anything about mushrooms and daylilies, so I would like to converse with my colleagues.

When I tried to take a photo the following day, all of the "mushrooms" had disappeared. They were not connected to anything and moved easily as I explored. Very fluffy.
A friend in a nearby city also found them in her Daylilies, and removed them.
Thank you for responding!

If you happen to see them again please send me an up close photo. I too have lots of daylilies so I started looking to see if I had any, but nothing so far.
Good Luck.